Providing fully customized, multi-purpose solutions for the
marine & commercial industries.



As a company with over 50 years of combined experience and leadership, we know how to serve the maritime and commercial industry because we have continuously helped define them.  Our previous endeavors have shaped and guided us to our present ventures and will continue to evolve our future successes, one project at a time.

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While many customers know us as "Marine Electrical Contractors," we have also serviced many other clients in the commercial and industrial sectors.  We are in the business of providing peace of mind in creating the most efficient and effective solutions through customized products that exceed all expectations in performance and reliability.  We work each day to deliver the extraordinary and continue to be the brand that our customers have learned to trust and rely upon. 

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Anyone can talk about the quality and innovation that comes with their products.  What separates us is the continuous integration of our products throughout our clients entire installation.  We want to be able to show our work and others be then catalyst to spreading our reputation! We love using our creativity for new designs and creating solutions to the most difficult electrical and mechanical issues.  With an ever-growing resume of new clients and repeat customers, it is evident to see why we are the most trusted name in the industy.

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