Quality and Customization are the foundation to every facet of our business.


“Our custom design, engineering, and fabrication will exceed all expectations. From precision bus bending to completely custom electrical systems, our craftsmanship and quality is unrivaled.”


Efficiency requires much of our most valuable resource; time.  Our automation services keep you moving without worrying about a breakdown in your process or system, from the simplest to most complex.  We have a solution to keep your machines running at optimum conditions so you can do the same. 


You can't be everywhere at once, but when you're able to keep an eye on everything, you won't need to be.  Our surveillance designs have been proven solutions for intruder detection, system monitoring, and first response.


Even the smallest, simplest systems need to be carefully planned and executed.  Creating a great product means making sure it works again and again.  Our designs keep us creative and allow us to explore new paths to optimize efficiency for each project.  Find out why our designs stay tried and true.


Hand in hand with our design capabilities is our ability to create the physical product in house.  We furnish our own systems per project specs and can retro-fit in nearly any situation. 


One of the most meticulous services we offer, our switchgear systems are our most well known products for their optimum performance records, intricacy, and retro-fitting.  We craft brilliant solutions for low, medium, and high voltage needs.   



Marine and commercial electrical problems are seldom ever a small matter, which is why we are able to craft timely solutions and mobilize around your location at a moment's notice.