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Voltage Regulator Upgrade

Custom Panel and Controls was to replace the existing GE exciter system with the Basler 250E model.  Each vessel has 3 generators, 2 steam turbine units and a diesel generator.  The replacement was a complete overhaul of the existing exciter system and would require custom design to ensure optmial space capacity and comply with design requirements for the new system. Basler was an optimal candidate to replace the old GE model and would reliably control the level of excitation power supplied to the field generator.  Custom Panel used its wealth of knowledge in marine electrical engineering to developed custom controls, integration and fabrication so that the new excitation system could be implemented into the new switchboard.

Implemented Items:

  • Field Rectifiers

  • Slip Rings

  • Static Exciter

  • Terminal boards

  • Control Cables

  • Permanent Magnet Alternator

  • Switchboard Replacements

  • Generator Controls

  • Adjustment Potentiometers

  • AVR/FCR Control Switch

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