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Electrical Technician  

Custom Panel and Controls is a provider of custom electrical solutions. We are currently looking for skilled electricians. Marine Electricians will need to be flexible, able to adapt to different jobs and requirements to provide adequate solutions.  Applicants will be required to work unsupervised within an industrial shop as required or shipboard during repair availabilities.  The work is typically performed in an industrial, shipboard or shipyard environment which requires proper safety equipment precautions; Work requires some physical capabilities in the handling of heavy materials, boxes, tools or equipment, and climbing vertical shipboard ladders. Must be able to travel and have or capable of obtaining a US Passport. Must be able to pass background checks necessary to obtain badging to work on military bases.

Role and Responsibilities:

  •  Installation of cabling and equipment aboard ships.

  •  Assist with the installation of circuit breakers, voltage regulators, and control   panels.

  • Perform maintenance and repair of generators, switchboards, controllers, circuit breakers, electrical motors, distribution panels, and alarm circuits.

  • Test electrical characteristics such as: voltage, resistance, and phase angle.  These tasks will be performed with voltmeters, ohmmeters, and phase rotation indicators.

  • Build and fabricate controls and electrical panels using drawings for custom solutions.

  • Conduct insulation resistance measurements of electrical cables to determine condition and effects for replacement.

  • Maintains electrical system maintenance histories notating date, and extent of repairs.


  •  High School diploma or GED, plus technical/vocational training or the   equivalent with at least 5 years of experience in the field or in a related area.

  •  Experience working with Navy Cargo/weapons elevators is preferred but not   mandatory.

  •  Experience installing and troubleshooting Standard Electronic Modules (SEMs)  and Programmable Logic Controllers is a plus.

  •  Must have a working knowledge of NAVSEA Standard Items, FAR and   government contracting.

  •  Must be able to read and interpret blueprints/schematics and proficient with   Microsoft Office.

  •  Strong troubleshooting capabilities. Mechanical experience a plus!

Benefits:  Our Company offers competitive pay and a benefit package including vacation/holiday pay, insurance, 401k/Profit Sharing and more.


If you are interested in joining our team, please send your resume or request an application at

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