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Brian Perry


Brian Perry is currently the president and Chief Executive Officer of Custom Panel and Controls, a premier provider of government electrical power supply, automation controls development, and next generation solutions.  Perry leads the Custom Panel and Controls team into electrical engineering services within the marine, railroad, and commercial industries.


Previously Perry served as the Vice President for Miller Integrated Power & Controls where he led a significant sector that engineered electrical solutions for the Military Sea lift Command.  Earlier, Brian served as the owner and Chief Executive Officer of Beach Panel where he led advanced system develop for clients such as………… Prior to that, Perry served as a Program Manager for Marine Hydraulic International where he oversaw the production of naval ship repair.  Perry has also served as an electrical engineering technician with over thirty years of experience in electrical and engineering services within the maritime industry.

Matt Werling

Vice President/Program Manager

Matt Werling is the Vice President and chief strategy and technology officer for Custom Panel and Controls, a leader in defense and maritime contracting.  Werling is responsible for executing contracting and engineering strategy, setting technology requirements and serving as the primary interface with technology and contract leaders in the client community.


Werling has built a wealth of knowledge spending 35 years in the maritime and ship repair industry.  Werling has held many positions in engineering, program management, and leadership throughout his past work experiences.  Werling was most recently the Contracts Administrator of Beach Panel and Controls.  In this position Werling developed knowledge in planning, installation of shipboard electrical systems, automation control systems, and security systems.  Werling also was the overall leadership for the Military Sealift Command IDIQ contract including coordination and all efforts of delegated tasks.  Prior to this Werling was the Owner and President of AIM Technical Services, a provider of MSC technologies, Engine Room automation testing, and United States Coast Guard and SMART inspections.  Werling served as a Communication Electronics Technician for Creasy Electronics that performed overhauls on Military and Defense communications equipment.  He also served in the United States Navy as an Electronics Technician developing skills in marine ship maintenance and repair. 

Jeffrey Bramley

Senior Engineer

Jeffrey Bramley is the Senior Engineer and engineering manager at Custom Panel and Controls.  Bramley is in charge of engineering and oversees all current project commissioning processes. His responsibilities also include oversight of all design aspects and technical integrity of CPC designs.  His reputation for excellence and quality ensures CPC remains a leader in technological solutions.


Prior to working with CPC Bramley has amassed a wealth of knowledge in the Controls Engineering field.  Many of his skills have been developed in engineering management, product development, and project operations oversight.  Bramley was most recently the Engineering Manager at Fairlead Integrated Power and Controls.  In this position he analyzed technology, resources needed, market demand, and operationally tested equipment.  The skills that Bramley developed helped him to determine optimal solutions and reliable products for clients.  Before this role Bramley was the Project Manager at Fairlead where he developed skills in PLC programming, HMI design, electrical schematic drafting, panel design, ABS submittals and site surveys.

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